Sanjeevani Public School

Secondary Recognised and Affiliated to C.B.S.E.



from principal's desk
Nothing is impossible for a human being to achieve. The goal we set for ourselves must be realistic and should compliment our attitude and interest true, the path of success is set with thorns a true achiever is one who walks what path with patience and perseverance, having the end goal in view always. Hence, intellectual stimulation .athletic excellence and cultural, participation is the aim of the school. school provide sample opportunities for co-curricular and cultural activities that are essential to the development of the personality of the students.
The school is not the name of the structure made of bricks, soil and cement but it is the strengths of the school. The student themselves which gives it the name our school has achieved commendable results in the past.

Our committed team of teachers has been working with sincerity and devotion. Our students are making regular participation in sports, yoga, co-curricular activities eco-club, dramatic club etc .our teachers are providing congenial atmosphere to our students so that they can exhibit their hidden talents. Every child is a winner. A winner in the field of his/her interest. If raises his self esteem when he is able to perform successfully. Parents and teachers have done their duty if they are able to raise the self esteem of their children.

Guided by the vision and care of our director. We shall certainly achieve the levels and hold high the track of the Sanjeevani Public school to shine as a guarding light for the entire would to follow.
I hope through the sincere efforts of us, school will shine in the directory of the department.